Past Musicians

Below is a list of every musician who has ever played Happenstance. If your name is missing, let us know!

Aaron Hendrickson Nigredo
Aaron Mason Tag Team
Aaron Wood Howlies
Abby Wren Nerd Parade, Sol Junky, Abby Wren & What It Is
Adam Holliday The Soul Shakers
Al Shelton Solo Artist
Alan Conner Needle
Alex Pilson The Yum Yum Tree
Andres Galdames Sunday Drive Bye, The Summer Dare
Andrew Quinn The Roy Owens Jr.
Andy Gish Yum Yum Tree
Andy Kilinski Little Country Giants, Long Knives, Chris Unck
Andy Tegethoff The Eyes, Schwarzkommando
Anna Kramer Anna Kramer and The Lost Cause
Anna Rodriguez SleazeStaxxx
Apollo DeLucia Apple-O
Art Holliday The Soul Shakers
Bartram Nason Kristin Markiton, Tortoise and Hair, Panic at the Disco
Ben Coleman The Early Modern Witch Trials, Judi Chicago
Ben Jastatt The Long Knives, Ruvolo
Benito Ferro Edgewood
Benjamin Price DeadPan Alley, Disguise the Sky
Blake Guthrie Getaway Car, Blake Guthrie
Blake Helton Hidden Noise Ensemble, Recompas, Street Panther
Blake Rainey Young Antiques, Blake Rainey and His Demons
Brad Daugherty National Grain
Brandon Arnold The Preakness, The Licentious Five
Brian Fletcher Luigi, Magnapop, Georgia Fireflies
Brooks Meeks The Close
Cain Wong elevado
Caleb Probst Spines
Casey Yarbrough No Disassemble
Chad Williams Magnapop, Licentious Five
Chris Brooks You Are Jaguar, King Congregation, The Rolling 60’s
Chris Jansen Hot Young Priest, Antic Clay and The Hides
Chris Lowell Leadcar Holiday
Chris Michener Drucker, El Scorcho, Shark Fighter
Chris Rowell Warm in the Wake
Chris VanBrackle Dare Dukes, Beautiful Little Fools, Oryx and Crake, Luna Versus You
Chris Wylie Jetty, The Great Divide, Niagara Mohawk
CJ Bargamian A Fight to the Death
Clay Fowler Ruvolo
Cory McBurnett El Scorcho, Hi Fidelity
Damon Breeland Nigredo, Scaffolds
Danny Arana Caroline & the Ramblers, I Want Whisky, The Serenaders
David Gunther
David Railey Day Mars Ray
Dom Totino The Dom Solo Career, The Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs
Donny Butts
Drew de Man No River City
Dwayne Jones Thee Crucials, Telestrion, Demonaut, Sourvein, and Order of the Owl
Eric Amata No River City
Eric Goldstein Edgewood
Eric Wildes Oryx and Crake
Erik Stefan Beautiful Little Fools
Ethan Davidson Freelance
Gabe Aldridge Unicorns! The Musical
Gareth O’Bryan Lexi Street, Lustre King
Gib Fenning Legend of the Giant Squid
Grant Wadley Solo Artist
Hank Beaver Gentle Avenger
Hannibal Heredia Stovall
Harry Baxley Mistaken For Them
Hilary Yarbrough Aviator, Rolling Sixties
Hutch Renaud Cadillac Jones
Jack Lansdowne The Barberries
James Freeman Thee Crucials, El Capitan and Thee Scallywags
James Staubes Edgewood, Whispers & Megaphones
James Taylor Jr. Warm in the Wake
James Trigg Jupiter Watts
Jared Welsh Ruvolo, Jupiter Watts
Jason Beebe The Liverhearts
Jason Chamison Parade
Jeff Barnes The Summer Dare, ex-Carmine
Jeff Dehner Blake Rainey & His Demons, Avenge Vegas, Rolling Thunder Revue
Jeff Evans Chickens and Pigs
Jeff Holt Silent Kids, Georgia Fireflies
Jeffrey Bützer Jeffrey Bützer
Jenn Downs Superpill, The Downs, The Sunset District
Jenny Hutton Charm School, The Eyes
Jim Combs The Good Graces, Sensitive Chaos, The Sunset District
Jimmy Ether Headphone Treats
Joe Renter Sex in Cars
Joel Roedebush The Urban Quintet, Tricycle Side Project
John McNicholas The Yum Yum Tree, Mary O Harrison, The Good Graces
Johnny McGowan Johnny & The Punctuals
Jonathan Vance Divided Like a Saint’s
Josh Lamar Capibara, Hardly Darlings
Justin Brooke Moresight
Justin Gray The Sudden Rays, The Goldest
Karyn Lu Oryx and Crake, Beautiful Little Fools
Kayla Webb R_Garcia Band
Keefe Justice The Close
Kendra Bentle Gentle Avenger
Kevin Fisher Horrible Idea
Kevin Wallace Jupiter Watts, The Sudden Rays, The Goldest
Kevin Watford Bigfoot
Kim Ware The Good Graces, Mary O Harrison, Chickens and Pigs
Kyle Pinion The Great Divide
Leanna Fugate Silent Kids, Georgia Fireflies
Lee Kennedy Paul Melancon & The New Insecurities, Spines
Leroi Life Is Wonderful, Radio Om, BlackMonaLisa, The Goldest, The Sham
Lindsay Appel Lindsay Appel, Chickens and Pigs
Mark Perkins Bouldercrest Singing Group, Brodie Stove
Mark Rogers Myssouri, Day Mars Ray
Mary O Harrison Mary O Harrison
Maryn Vance Divided Like a Saint’s
Matt Chenoweth The Goldest
Matt Cherry Maserati
Matt Harr The Yum Yum Tree, The Sweetdick Jane, and Square Zero
Matthew Forsee Howlies
Matthew Glagola The Liverhearts
Matthew Pendrick Midnight Revival
Michael Bradley Antic Clay, Myssouri
Michael Goldman The Eyes
Michael Oakley Silent Kids
Michelle Cox Soft Collision
Michelle DuBois Luigi
Michelle Friedman Mary O Harrison, Sunny Day Theory
Mike Barnes Sex in Cars, The Black Kites
Mims Rogers Stovall
Nicolette Emanuelle Solo Artist
Paul Daniels Bouldercrest Singing Group, Tag Team
Paul Melancon Paul Melancon, The Arts and Sciences
Pete Knapp
Pete Thompson Mark It Zero
Ramon Walls Jupiter Watts
Randy Garcia R_Garcia Band, Swank Sinatra
Renee Nelson The Living Jarboe, Envie
Rich Hudson Bob, Black Love
Richard Parsons Richard Parsons
Rob Mallard Tag Team
Robbie Horlick Book Club, Cassavetes
Ryan Taylor AkuYou
Satchel Mallon Ocha la Rocha
Scott Lambert Hot Wives
Scott Lambert threefiveseven
Scott Rowe Luigi, Magnapop
Scott Trinh Parade
Sean Keane Horrible Idea
Sean Sawyer Cassavetes
Shana A. The Hardly Darlings
Shane Pringle Tag Team, Tiger Tiger
Shannon Mulvaney Roy Owens, Jr.
Sonia Tetlow Sonia Tetlow, Rolling Road Show, Cowboy Mouth
Steven Walker Freelance drummer
Susannah Barnes The Black Kites
Terry Nagurney
Thad Goad Swingset, Great Northern
Thad Thompson The Shut-Ups, Mark It Zero
Thom Heckel Bouldercrest Singing Group, Brodie Stove
Tim Genius Bon Vivants, Loud Pissers
Tom Branch Legend of the Giant Squid
Tracy Clark The Preakness, Chickens and Pigs
Trey Lindsay Liverhearts
Trey Tidwell The Forty Fives
Trish Thompson Tipsy in Chelsea
Wes Ables Wes Ables
Will Joiner Rock*a*Teens
Wilson Sheldon The Goldest
Zachary Hollback AkuYou, Push Button Action Man, Brodie Stove, I Almost Saw God in the Metro


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