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What a great time!

The musicians sounded great, the audience was fun and supportive. What else could you ask for? Happenstance 2011 was a huge success and we have the Atlanta music scene to thank. So, thank you!

We want to be sure and mention this year’s sponsor again: Bell Street Burritos. Bell Street fed our musicians half off food to keep their energy up for the long day. Thanks to Matt Hinton and the entire staff of Bell Street Burritos for helping out this year.

Below is the list of bands made up for Happenstance 2011. Thanks to all of the musicians for a great evening and helping Atlanta Community Food Bank. You rock!

Infected Cream
Trish Thompson (Tipsy in Chelsea)
Blake Helton (Hidden Noise Ensemble, Recompas, Street Panther)
Corey McBurnett (El Scorcho, Hi Fidelity)
Chris VanBrackle (Dare Dukes, Beautiful Little Fools, Oryx and Crake, Luna Versus You)
Aaron Hendrickson (Nigredo)

Thom Heckel (Brodie Stove)
Gareth O’Bryan (Lexi Street, Lustre King)
Matt Harr (Yum Yum Tree, Square Zero, Largo)
Danny Arana (The Serenaders, I Want Whisky)
Joel Roedebush (The Urban Quintet, Tricycle Side Project)

Eric Stefan (Beautiful Little Fools)
Jim Combs (Sensitive Chaos, The Good Graces)
Chris Wylie (Niagara Mohawk)
Damon Breeland (Nigredo, Scaffolds)
Dom Totino (The Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs)

The Shot Glass Menagerie
Al Shelton (Solo Artist)
Pete Knapp (Atomsplit, Painting Churches, Nillah)
Kevin Watford (Bigfoot)
Eric Wildes (Oryx and Crake)
Lee Kennedy (Herman Put Down the Gun)

The Alpha Beta
Pete Thompson (Mark It Zero )
Zach Hollback (AkuYou )
Terry Nagurney (Niagara Mohawk)
James Staubes (Whispers & Megaphones, Morning Lights)
Mims (Stovall)

Pluckin’ Beautiful
Abby Wren (Nerd Parade, Sol Junky, Abby Wren & What It Is )
Karyn Lu (Oryx and Crake, Beautiful Little Fools)
Robbie Horlick (Book Club, Cassavetes)
Chris Michener (El Scorcho, The Inward Stare)
Thad Thompson (The Shut-Ups, Mark It Zero)

(bands listed in order of appearance)

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