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Here are the lineups for each band that played Happenstance this year. Bands are listed in order of appearance.

Skinny Jean Motherfuckers

  • Chris Wylie (Niagara Mohawk)
  • Scott Lambert (threefiveseven)
  • Erik Kaszynski (Hills Rolling, Aquatic)
  • Thad Thompson (The Shut-Ups, Disguise the Sky)

That Last Band Sucked

  • Pete Thompson (Mark It Zero)
  • Joey Arbuckle (Futureshock)
  • Bruce Butkovich (James Hall and Futura Bold, Brain Box)
  • Robbie Horlick (Cassavetes)
  • Damon Breedlove (Nigredo, Duke Fame)

Golden Rods

  • Ryan Peoples (Oryx and Crake, The Wiitles)
  • Dom Totino (Tone Deaf Pig Dogs)
  • Jake Reeves (Meatwave)
  • Pete Knapp (Painting Churches, Nillah)
  • Malcolm McDuffie (Birds and Buildings)


  • Lindsay Appel (Lindsay Appel)
  • Robert Heublein (Authors Apology)
  • Karyn Lu (Independent)
  • Vanessa Gallagher (Stereotype)
  • Will Brown (Romeo Spike, The F’in Heartbreaks, Robopop)

The Edgewood Globetrotters

  • Hannibal Heredia (Stovall)
  • Justin Sias (Los Buenos)
  • Jeremy Spafard (Independent)
  • Casey Yarbrough (Authors Apology)
  • Mike Barnes (Scarab, Sex in Cars)

The Arkadelphian Thieves

  • Johnny McGowan (Grinder Nova & His Pitstop Mariachi Band, The Marques, STAMPEDE!)
  • Sky ([golden], happy?)
  • Matt Jarrard (Cousins, Oryx and Crake)
  • Ben Price (Disguise the Sky, John Wayne, The Water Liars)
  • Dwayne Jones (Thee Crucials, The Electric Cycles)

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