• Happenstance 2012

    Happenstance 2012

  • Happenstance 2007

    Happenstance 2007

  • Group shot from Happenstance 2009

    Happenstance 2009

  • The 2011 Happenstance lineup.

    Happenstance 2011

About The Happenstance

The Happenstance is an annual music event in Atlanta, Georgia. We select 30 musicians, make them meet us early in the morning at a local rock club, randomly divide them into 5 piece bands, and send them off to create a 20 minute set of music which they will perform that evening. It’s thoroughly entertaining, entirely random, and more than a little bit insane. Learn more...

Recent News

Thanks, Atlanta

After 11 great years, The Happenstance is closing up shop. We want to thank all of the amazing musicians, fans, and deserving charities for being a part of this wonderful experience. You made this crazy experiment an overwhelming success and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Special[…]